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Thursday, January 05, 2006

American's are pigging out

From - On the Side | It's been hog heaven for pork producers

Harry Ochs leans into his long butcher saw, slicing through the fly bone and then the flat back bone of the pork loin I'm buying to go with (this being the day before New Year's Eve) the sauerkraut I'll cook from White Oak Nursery in Strasburg and a handful of Dwain Livengood's defending-state-champion Yukon Gold potatoes. Yes, he says, he too has noticed an uptick in the fortunes and certainly the flavor of pork. He slides his hand over the white collar of fat covering the loin. "Things go full circle." Ochs is 77 now, presiding at his stand in the Reading Terminal Market in his signature flat, plaid cap and white apron, an observer for more than 60 of those years of the fads of food - no-fat, low-carb, whole-grain, some-more-fat.


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